We live in a country that is perceived as a Christian, but the reality is that the vast majority of our people do not know Jesus Christ personally and do not know what is the Gospel. In Poland there are 915 cities, including from 600 to 700 (lack of valid data) towns and cities without any evangelical community so most Poles have no access to the gospel. The “700 towns” is a response to this situation. We would like the name of Christ to be known, and the best way to share the Gospel and make disciples is to create local churches where people will grow in every positive way. Our main aim is to train and equip leaders in practical knowledge, rooted in the Polish reality and context but also to stretch our thinking to go further and higher.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

John Maxwell

The “700 towns” is aimed primarily for people who are serious about planting churches or have already started this extraordinary adventure. We want to share practical knowledge based on our experience. We believe that our country is ready but still needs courageous leaders who will respond to God’s call. We want to see emerging and growing churches being a response to our country.

Take the challenge and transform our nation with the gospel of Christ.